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   Robert Haist Piano Tuning
641 Maple St., Nanaimo B.C. V9S 2J8, Tel: 250 754-8200
Monday, 2019-06-17, 11:29 PM
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 Services and Prices
Here’s what I do:
Tune, either aurally or with the Tune Lab program to A440 (concert pitch) unless the piano is too old and cannot be tuned to this modern pitch or unless the customer wants a different pitch. I can also tune different historical tunings.

Also I tune and repair Harpsichords, and Forte Pianos.

Cleaning and lubrication of your instrument inside which is often overlooked.
Humidity control systems installations: I am an authorized "Dampp-chaser" specialist. 

Rebuild both grand and upright pianos including soundboard repair, pinblock replacement, restringing (including rescaling if necessary), replacement of hammers, dampers and all other action felt, key tops and key bushings, touch weight analysis and reweighting of keys and voicing of hammers.
Voicing: Have your piano hammers voiced and make the sound of it less harsh. Through a process of needling and filing the hammers, the tone of the instrument can be changed dramatically from unpleasant harsh and clangy to mellow and easy to listen to.

Refinish using natural aniline stains and hand rubbed oils and varnishes.

Appraise and evaluate, prepare for sale.

Sell rebuilt and reconditioned pianos as well as new solid or adjustable benches, and other accessories.

Arrange moving locally or out of town.


My Prices*:

Appraisal (verbal) -$80.00

Appraisal (written) -

Standard tuning for a piano that has been tuned within the last five years and is within 8 cents from A440 - $150.00 (includes cleaning with vacuum). Out of town between Duncan and Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island the price is $160.00. Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, and Northen Vancouver Island the price is $160.00.
Voicing - $75.00/hr

Tuning, involving pitch raise (more the 8 cents flat or sharp) or a piano that hasn’t been tuned for at least 5 years - $180.00 plus recommending another tuning within 3 months.

Upright hammer replacement only -$1500.00

Grand hammer replacement only - from $3000.00 to $3700.00 (depending type of hammer and if there are other  parts needed to be replaced)

Upright hammer carding (filing) and regulation -$600.00

Grand hammer carding and regulation - $800.00

For all other repairs, rebuilding,
etc., it is necessary to see the piano before giving an appraisal.

All parts and workmanship on rebuilt pianos is guaranteed for two years.

Pianos for sale also come with a new bench or the original one if I have it, and the price also includes moving unless otherwise agreed to.
*GST of 5% and PST of 7% will apply in B.C.

In Alberta - 5% GST

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